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Purchasing Tips

Advantages Of Choosing Glass Tile 

Throughout history, mosaic tile has been more than a floor or wall covering , It's an art form. In fact, the latin origins of the word mosaic refer to art “worthy of the muses.” Mosaic tile is beautiful and durable, and working with it is easier than ever today, In recent years, glass tile is one of the building materials that is growing in popularity among homes. Glass tile reflect the light and makes room look wider and brighter. Glass tile comes in a wide varieties of color, style, shape, pattern etc. A wide range of design allows it to suit your personal taste. Whether you want something modern or traditional, there are many themes for you to choose from.

Glass tile can be shaped easily. Homeowners can get a small glass tile cutter to customize your own part as DIY.

While glass tile also provide a smooth and glossy finish compared with other materials, it goes well with most of the furniture and color.

Due to their smooth glossy surfaces, glass tile is very durable and long lasting. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. Its the ideal material for constantly submerged area like kitchen, bathroom and shower. They are resistant to stain, mold and chemical damage.

Due to the popularity of glass tile, you can easily purchase recycled glass tile. It is environmental friendly because it uses less energy during the manufacturing process, Modern Mosaic tile is available in square that are held together by an under-layer of fabric mesh.


Flexibility makes them slightly more difficult to hold, place, and move.

Although glass tile is durable and long lasting, there are times that dropping a heavy object will crack or chip the glass.

Glass have a smooth surface which leads to slipping hazard.

Purchasing Glass Tile Tips

Glass tile is clear itself and the color is at the back of the tile. You are able to completely see through the tile to the colored part at the back of the glass tile. It provides a very shinny and glossy surfaces, which gives a expensive and luxury look. Some color of walls and surfaces defect might become visible due to the see through layer of glass. Frosted glass is very popular because of the misty surface that will not be able to see through. It is easier to install because there is no concern of the condition of the wall. Crystal glass tile gives a simulate of jewels or cut crystals.

Purchasing tile sheets are glued to a sheet backing which make it easier to install and align.

There are also many recycled glass tile to choose from. Manufacture process their glass tile with waste glass and this will make lesser waste glass out at the landfills. This make it an environmental friendly product and is as beautiful and durable.

Subway Tile

Subway tiles are another popular glass tile to choose from. Not only can use for homes but also commercial businesses. These tiles give a classic and traditional look. Subway tiles are manufacture in loser pieces instead of mesh-mounted. Therefore, it can come out with many design and combinations. Many colors and designs that you can imagine.

Glass tiles come in square, rectangular and round shape. Small sizes with one inch by one inch to large size eighteen by eighteen inch.

Glass tile is possible to break during or after installation, it is important to install it in a proper way. A non-sanded grout is recommended to prevent scratching the surface of the glass tile. The level of difficulty to install is different depends on what kind you choose. Some prefer to pay for expert to install. However, it is possible to do it yourself.

A simple classic design of subway tile match perfectly as border of more complicated design. Not only you can use it in bathroom or kitchen, you can also use around the pool area and garden area.