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1-800-313-2642 | M-F 9:30am - 5pm PST | Free Shipping on all orders!
1-800-313-2642 | M-F 9:30am - 5pm PST | Free Shipping on all orders!

Determining the number of tiles needed

To figure out how many tiles you will need to purchase you will first need to determine the total tiling area for your project. To accomplish this, you will have to divide the area up into rectangles and measure the dimension of each rectangle. Next obtain the area of the rectangles by multiplying it's length and width together. Finally sum up the area of each individual rectangle to obtain the total square footage for your project.

Next you will want to adjust your results to accommodate waste. You will most likely need to cut the tiles to fit perfectly into the required area and may not be able to reuse the leftovers. Furthermore, you might end up breaking a few tiles throughout the projects. Base on our experiences, we recommended allocating an additional 10% of tiles to account for this waste. Hence multiply your results above by 1.1.

Now to figure out how many tiles you will have to purchase, simply divide the total square footage by the coverage of the particular tile you are looking to purchase. You can find the coverage of the tile by looking for the coverage information in our mosaic tile's product page.

Try to order all the tiles you need in a single order and if you know you don't have enough, try to reorder as soon as possible. Due to the popularity of mosaic tiles, a single container of tiles can be sold out rather quickly. You want avoid purchasing tiles from different shipment because there may be slight variations in color / tone between tiles manufactured at different times.